The Global Pharmaceutical R & D Directory

Edition: 2024

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The Global Pharmaceutical R&D Directory provides a wealth of key business data on trends in pharmaceutical research. More

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About this product

The Global Pharmaceutical R&D Directory provides a wealth of key business data on trends in pharmaceutical research. At a time when investment in R&D is at an all-time high, this essential publication is intended as a strategic reference guide to the important trends in pharmaceutical R&D, as well as providing the means to benchmark your company's performance.

From an examination of global R&D investment and productivity to a breakdown of R&D trends in every major therapeutic class, The R&D Directory provides a comprehensive review of the current R&D environment.

The R&D Directory provides essential time-saving business information on:

  • The development pipeline of major companies is analyzed by therapeutic categories and stages
  • Compounds in research by therapeutic class for major companies
  • Number of licensed compounds by therapeutic class and development stage
  • Comparison of companies' licensed/originated product pipelines
  • Average development time to market, and attrition data
  • Trends in global R&D investment, cost, and culture
  • Number of biotechnology products by development phase, therapeutic class, and type
  • Plus much, much more!

Key Features:

  • Trends in licensing for major pharmaceutical companies
  • R&D Focus for key therapy areas
  • Benchmark development time by phase and success for over dozens of therapeutic categories
  • Comparisons of compounds in research by development stage for dozens of therapeutic areas
  • Analysis of previous year’s pipeline development by stage for all major pharmaceutical companies worldwide.


Section 1 & 2 of The R&D Directory looks at the trends in R&D expenditure in the major markets, changes in employment patterns and productivity levels in relation to pharmaceutical sales.

Section 3 reviews the outsourcing industry and examines its role in pharmaceutical R&D.

Sections 4 to 9 analyse the trends in R&D by examining the therapeutic focus of selected companies, preclinical compounds, biotechnology compounds, compounds in clinical development for every major therapy class, and licensing activities.

Section 10 provides extensive attrition and time-in-development data for the major therapeutic categories.


  • Western & Eastern Europe incl. UK
  • USA & Canada
  • South & Central America
  • The Middle East
  • All of Africa
  • All of Asia, including China, India, and Japan
  • Australia & New Zealand.

Based on primary research, the 2-volume The R&D Directory provides the most comprehensive assessment of R&D available!

Packed with facts, personalities, charts, and statistics, it is presented as a book and also as a fully searchable PDF edition and CD-ROM.

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