International Directory of Corporate Giving

Edition: 2024

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The most comprehensive source of information on major corporations and businesses that contribute to NGOs worldwide! More

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About this product

The International Directory of Corporate Giving profiles thousands of companies making contributions to nonprofit organizations worldwide. Corporations profiled vary from those with specific interests and structured formal giving mechanisms to those with broad purposes and unstructured, informal contributions programs.

The Directory is intended for use by grant seekers in locating potential support, grantmakers in learning more about other grantmakers, scholars researching the field and everyone generally interested in philanthropy. The most comprehensive directory on corporate giving available includes only corporations that provided information for which public documents on giving were available.

The Directory is arranged alphabetically by company name. Each entry is assigned a sequence number, and references in the indexes which follow the main listings are to entry sequence numbers. Each company's entry is divided into parts: a general description of the company and its activities, and a description of the company's direct giving program and/or foundation.

The Giving Statement data element in the company's general description outlines which and how many giving mechanisms - corporate giving, also known as direct giving and/or foundations - the company employs. Each distinct giving entity has a separate description. There are dozens of basic data elements which could be included in an entry. The completeness of an entry varies widely due to the differences in the size and nature of a company's program and the availability of information from the company.


  • Preface.
  • Introduction.
  • Glossary.
  • Corporate funding bibliography.
  • Descriptive directory.
  • Indexes:
    •      Index of Officers, donors and trustees.
    •      Geographic index.
    •      Types of support index.
    •      Subject index.
    •      Types of business index.
    •      Corporation, corporate giving and foundation index.

The new Directory is intended for use by grant seekers in locating potential support, grantmakers in learning more about other grantmakers and everyone generally interested in philanthropy.

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