International Directory of Defence Authorities

Edition: 2022

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The definitive guide to who’s in charge of what - from the ministry of defence to command levels, procurement and intelligence officers! More

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About this product

  • Thousands of military officers and defense officials in 196 countries.
  • Entries include name, rank, title, address, telephone, telex and fax nos.
  • Heads of State and executive cabinet ministers.
  • Procurement and logistics officials.
  • Intelligence and national police officials.
  • Senior officers in the tactical army, air force, and navy commands.
  • Overviews of defense structures and chains of command including graphic tables of organization.
  • More than 40 multilateral and 1,700 bilateral treaties.
  • Annual edition.
PINPOINT DEFENCE PROCUREMENT OFFICERS AND DEFENCE INDUSTRY EXECUTIVES. The International Directory of Defence Authorities lets you identify and contact the senior officials that oversee the purchasing of everything from vehicles, communications equipment and clothing, to electronics, parts and ordnance. GET THE COMPLETE PICTURE OF MILITARY AND DEFENCE ESTABLISHMENTS. From the executive leadership and military and civilian defense and national security agencies down through the service branches, the International Directory of Defense Authorities gives you names, ranks, areas of responsibility and contact information. Each country’s listing begins with a detailed overview of the basic defence structure and chain of command including armed forces manpower figures. MILITARY AND CIVILIAN INTELLIGENCE AND SECURITY-RELATED AGENCIES AND MINISTRIES. You get names, titles and full contact information for senior-level officers in military intelligence and counterintelligence. Plus upper echelon officials in national police or security organizations. MULTILATERAL & BILATERAL DEFENCE ORGANISATIONS, TREATIES, AND AGREEMENTS. A a separate section provides details on all multilateral treaties including membership, purpose and administrative contact information where applicable. WHO USES THIS DIRECTORY? Defense contractors and military-related suppliers use it to identify potential foreign markets Military, defense and civilian intelligence personnel use it for a clear picture of defense structure, chains of command and contracting their counterparts International. Researchers and libraries find Defence Authorities is the only up-to-date directory that tracks defence organizations and personnel on an ongoing basis.

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